Atomic Beam SunBlast REVIEW | Solar Powered Motion Activated LED Lights from Atomic Beam BUSTED

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About Atomic Beam SunBlast

Installing lights in tight spaces is such a pain, you need Atomic Beam Sunblast – the new solar powered, motion activated LED light that claims to be super bright. Atomic Beam Sunblast requires no wires, no pliers. You just have to stick it up, the industrial strength adhesive claims to mount on any surface (wood, stucco, stone, siding).

How does the Atomic Beam Sunblast work?

The solar panels charge the Lithium-Ion batteries which then power the Atomic Beam Sunblast. You don’t require batteries and no electricity bills to pay. Atomic Beam Sunblast features a 180 degree motion sensor turns on the light when someone gets near it and automatically turns off a few seconds later. The manufacturer of the Atomic Beam Sunblast claims the sensor range of the solar powered light to be over 25 feet. The Atomic Beam Sunblast’s wide angle design covers more ground than the other. The manufacturer claims that the heavy duty construction makes the Atomic Beam Sunblast sturdy and weatherproof (waterproof, rainproof and snow-proof). The super-bright LED flat panels last a lifetime without burning out.

Atomic Beam SunBlast Advantages

  • 25 feet motion detection range.
  • Easy to install – just peel and stick.
  • Lifetime Warranty for the DELUXE version.

Disadvantages of the Atomic Beam Sunblast.

  • The features of the Atomic Beam SunBlast are exaggerated.
  • They are actually smaller than what they appear to be in the infomercial.
  • No continuous lighting – Atomic Beam Sunblast lights will not run all night, they just switch on for 30 seconds and then switch off. So they are not a good alternative for security lights that would run all night.
  • They are made from cheap plastic and the overall quality of the product is cheap.
  • The Atomic Beam Sunblast lights have to be mounted at a place that is directly exposed to the sun, otherwise they won’t work as expected.
  • The Atomic Beam Sunblast light is also not as bright as they advertise.
  • There is no way you can keep them going on for all night or extend the duration they stay on.
  • Atomic Beam Sunblast lights are expensive, You get 2 lights for $25 while there are tons of these available on at much cheaper price.
  • These lights are not very durable.
  • They won’t charge when its cloudy or raining.

Atomic Beam SunBlast Questions and Answers

Q. Do they stay lit all night?
A. Nope. They are lit only when they detect motion and stay lit for 30 seconds.

Q. Does the Atomic Beam Sunblast have a “Dim” mode?
A. No. Just on and off mode when they detect motion.

Q. How many LEDs does each light have inside?
A. They do not mention this on their website, but such lights usually have 8 LEDs.

Q. What is the weatherproof IP standard?
A. None. Don’t expect such professionalism for the “As Seen On TV” marketers.

Q. How long does it take to fully charge?
A. Approx. 7 hours.

Q. What is so “Atomic” about these lights?
A. Sensitive information, may jeopardize national security, hence cannot be revealed.

Q. Do the Atomic Beam Sunblast lights need to be switched on before they are solar charged?
A. Yes they need to be manually switched on.

Q. Can you use the Atomic Beam Sunblast light as regular light and not motion light?
A. No, you cannot.

Q. How long do the Atomic Beam Sunblast light need to be exposed to sun for the batteries?
A. It depends upon how often they switch on, if the frequency is just moderate then 5 hours of exposure is more than enough.

Q. Can I put the lights under roof overhang?
A. Nope, that part is not exposed to sunlight so the batteries won’t charge.

Q. Is Atomic Beam Sunblast light waterproof?
A. Can’t say it is waterproof, it is “weatherproof” up to certain level. But not like URPOWER or LITOM solar lights.

Q. How bright are they? I mean how many lumens?
A. Sorry can’t answer it, please ask the manufacturer.

Q. Can the batteries be replaced?
A. No.

Q. Will my dog activate the motion sensor?
A. It is quite possible.

Q. Do you recommend these lights?
A. Nope. We do not recommend the Atomic Beam Sunblast light, see the verdict section below for the reasons.

Q. What is the wattage of these lights?
A. Should be 8 watt.

Atomic Beam SunBlast Verdict

You need to understand that this is not the only solar powered, motion activated outdoor LED light. Telebrands the official marketers of the Atomic Beam SunBlast have picked up a “MADE IN CHINA” light and turned it into a miracle light. This is not the first product that is promoted by Telebrands with such ferocity and blitzkrieg, Atomic Beam Flashlight, Torch, Lantern, Headlight are some of the products marketed by Telebrands under the brand “Atomic Beam”.

We have carefully tracked the life cycle of these “Atomic Beam” products. What they do is they pick a good, branded and popular product, then they launch and promote (in a typical As Seen On TV/Infomercial format) the downgraded “as seen on tv” version of the same product and make it look like a life savior. Most people don’t realize that there are a lot of good alternatives available elsewhere and they get sucked into buying such crappy products.

Lets consider the latest gimmick from Atomic Beam the SunBlast Outdoor Motion activated LED light. The concept seems to be copied from the much acclaimed Litom Solar Lights or URPOWER Solar Lights. These solar lights (LITOM and URPOWER) come in several models and each model has different features. Some models have more LEDs, some have higher luminosity, some have more lighting modes (continuous light, dim mode and sensor mode). Atomic Beam does not reveal this crucial information (number of LEDs, luminosity, lighting modes etc). Many customers have mentioned in their reviews that they though the Atomic Beam the SunBlast has all the 3 features and were dismayed to find that it is just a motion activated light also SunBlast.

A simple search for “solar powered outdoor led lights” on will list tons of these with 4+ ratings and hundreds of reviews. You just need to have patience

3 Comments on "Atomic Beam SunBlast REVIEW | Solar Powered Motion Activated LED Lights from Atomic Beam BUSTED"

  1. Got 2 set up lasted 5 days will not recharge checked voltage..92 left out for 4days in sun rechecked 1.02volts need 3.5v

  2. Got mine today. Set up on low and tested it out and it came on immediately and doesn’t appear to turn off as claimed. Would not reccomnd it to anyone.

  3. Sarah Cummings | June 21, 2018 at 8:48 am | Reply

    Thank you for the honest and informative review.

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