Core Train REVIEW

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What does the Core Train do?

We all want to get in shape in the comfort of our home without the hassle and high costs of a gymnasium, the Core Train promises to be the one-of-a-kind exercise machine that does exactly the same.

The Core Train claims to be a compact, total body exerciser that supposedly provides over 100 exercise routine combinations to meet all your fitness needs. The Core Trainer allows you to work on multiple muscle-groups simultaneously. Unlike, traditional uni-directional ab rollers, the Core Train has four wheels (balls actually) have a 360 degree range of motion and can engage all the four ab zones at once. Core Train can engage upper and lower obliques simultaneously.

Resistance Bands – The Core Train comes with the Progressive Resistance Bands that make the Core Train even more versatile. With the resistance bands you can work your arms, legs, chest and back. These resistance bands are adjustable and are well suited for rehabilitation training, golf swing training and other low-intensity workouts. The official website though does not mention the number of resistance levels.

Core Train as a SHIATSU Massager – Core Train has a very unique (and strange) feature – it has a SHIATSU MASSAGE point that you can use to massage your shoulder after a workout.

Core Train


Core Train is not a new at-home compact abdominal exerciser, there have been plenty of them and most of them belong to the “as seen on tv” segment.

What’s so special about Core Train? – As mentioned in the infomercial the Core Train ab slider/roller is a first exerciser that features 4 wheels (balls), and also it comes with the resistance bands.

Does Core Train really work? – If you are looking to transform your complete body using this teeny weeny Core Train ab roller and with some cheap resistance bands, then the answer is a big NO. Core Train singularly is incapable of transforming your body into the toned one as claimed in the video.

Should I buy the Core Train? – NO. The Core Train is not worth $120 at all. The 4-wheeled (balls) Core Train looks promising but the fact is that the wheels get stuck after just a moderate use and would render the whole Core Train useless. We have gone through a lot of reviews and many users have attested the fact that the wheel often gets stuck and the movement is no longer smooth. It means Core Train slider can no longer “slide” smoothly. Also using the resistance bands is very hard and awkward.

How is the quality of the product? – The Core Train is made in CHINA, and is made of plastic (most of the parts), it will get stuck and squeak and make you miserable.

What is “Target PLUS Training”? – Some high-sounding phrase that infomercial marketeers often use to make their mediocre products look SCIENTIFIC, you just need to ignore it.

Core Train Ab Roller/Slider Questions and Answers

Q. Does Core Train it work on carpet?
A. Nope, the Core Train wheels are not smooth enough to work on the carpet, in-fact it does not work weel on floor too, that what reviews tell us.

Q. Can Core Train be used to mimic rowing motion?
A. Nope.

Q. What is the Max. User weight it can support?
A. They do not mention anything about it on the website, but because you do not put the whole weight on this thing it should be ok for any size person.

Q. Can you move the Core Train side-to-side?
A. Yes, the balls are designed to roll in all the directions.

Q. What is the material of the balls?
A. Plastic.

Our Verdict

Do NOT invest your money in the Core Train. It is an expensive, over-hyped, complicated abdominal roller/slider loaded with unnecessary and useless features. Ab rollers do work to strengthen your abs, but you don’t need an expensive gadget like the Core Train. You can buy a $15 simple uncomplicated ab wheel and a pair of resistance bands for another $15 and get even more effective workouts at your home.

What do I get?

  • 1 Core Train Exerciser
  • 2 Workout DVDs

Price: $120 plus $7.95 shipping & handling at the official website

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