Daily Duster REVIEW

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What is Daily Duster?

The traditional way of dusting is time consuming and only pushes dust around. Here’s introducing the Daily Duster, a powerful, cordless hand duster with built-in vacuum that claims to suck up dirt and dust from any surface in half the time. Simply press the button and it promises to clean up the mess in no time. Designed with 180 degrees of super soft bristles, Daily Duster alleges to attract dust, dander, fur and pollen.

How does Daily Duster work?

Daily Duster emphasizes that its secret lies in its electrostatic bristles that lock onto the dust while the super suction built-in vacuum sucks the dust away, the dust collects in an inner tube and can be emptied into the trash when done. This claim of Daily Duster however seems to be far-fetched and will only be confirmed after Daily Duster is reviewed.

It maintains it works perfectly on coffee tables, end tables, in-between blinds, lampshades, window sills and baseboards, keyboard, electronics and so much more! Though at this very point there are no reviews that can verify with Daily Duster claims.

Lightweight and cordless, Daily Duster proclaims it is ideal for use anywhere! This claim can only be attested once users review Daily Duster.
Daily Duster

Daily Duster REVIEW

Cathy Miles tried the Daily Duster and claims in her Daily Duster review that it literally picks up nothing, not even dust!

Lorena Cooper, another user states in her Daily Duster review that the bristles are super stiff which makes it nearly useless unless you don’t mind scratching up the surfaces you are trying to vacuum. She recommends using it in a garage, barn, or outdoors.

Karen Doyle complains in her Daily Duster review that it looks cool but doesn’t work as advertised.

Deborah Young writes in her Daily Duster review that it is not worth it.

After using the Daily Duster, Inez Manning claims in her Daily Duster review that it is like a toy, no power at all.

Lillie Murray mentions in her Daily Duster review- “Probably good for getting in small crevices and vacuuming keyboards and screw drawers”.

Toni Hines used the Daily Duster and is unhappy with it and writes in her review that it is useless and doesn’t do much.

In her Daily Duster review, Katherine Newman says- “Tried to use this brush on my blinds and it did absolutely nothing – still had to clean them with a cloth”.

Brenda Allen, another user writes in her Daily Duster review- “Not useful at all. It pretty much scratched up the entire TV screen”.
Daily Duster

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