Ionic Rock REVIEW

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What is Ionic Rock

As per the infomercial it is a salt crystal lamp that provides the biochemical benefits of negative ions and relieves stress. It also keeps the air free of bacteria, viruses, pollen, pet dander, and smoke.


Ionic Rock CLAIMS

Stay happy – Ionic Rock promises to be a calming and mood balancing light that relieves stress right at home. Ionic Rock states to be a salt crystal lamp that comes with unique and beautiful ambient light that releases negative ions found near waterfalls, streams, rivers, etc. Such farfetched claims by Ionic Rock will be attested once it has been reviewed. Ionic Rock guarantees that it increases the serotonin production level. Such increase in serotonin can negate the positive ions from harsh UV lights, TVs, and computers that otherwise add up to the stress occurring in daily life cycle. Currently there are no Ionic Rock reviews available to substantiate with its claims.
Keeps the house safe – The moment Ionic Rock is plugged in and turned on it alleges to cleanse the air of bacteria and irritants in circulating water vapor. Ionic Rock convinces to attract dust, pet dander, smoke, pollen, bacteria and even viruses so that everyone can breathe fresh, harmless air. Plus Ionic Rock assures that it goes well with any type of décor. Ionic Rock does sound pretty beneficial; user reviews will expose the truth soon.

Ionic Rock Questions and Answers

Q. Does Ionic Rock really work as it claims?
A. No, it is more like a placebo.

Q. Where is Ionic Rock manufactured?
A. It is made in China.

Q. How large is its base?
A. It is approximately five to six inches large in diameter.

Q. Can Ionic Rock be kept on all the time?
A. It is recommended to turn it off once in a while.

Q. Is there any scientific evidence that supports the lamps functioning?
A. Ionic Rock comprises of natural benefits of salt crystals. It is claimed that these salt lamps can generate negative ions when heated. These ions help in increasing blood flow, improve sleep, increase serotonin levels in the brain and calm allergies.

Q. Where does the salt come from?
A. Ionic Rock salt mines.

Q. Does Ionic Rock come with a dimmer switch to adjust its light?
A. Yes it does have a dimmer switch attached to the cord.

Q. How long does it last?
A. The bulbs life is not good and can last only up to 2 weeks before burning out.

Q. Can Ionic Rock be used as a night light?
A. Yes, it can be used in the living room or children’s bedroom as a night light. Due to its mellow output it can be used as a bathroom light too.

Q. Can the lamp bulb in Ionic Rock be changed?
A. Yes, once the bulb dies it can be replaced with a max 40 watt bulb.

Ionic Rock Review

Tanya Gonzales, an Ionic Rock reviewer, states that it doesn’t come with any dimming option as claimed. It can be only switched on and off which is misleading the customers during sales.

Another Ionic Rock reviewer Kendra Richards says that it is nowhere as big as it is shown in the advertisement. She also writes in her Ionic Rock review that the color is misleading since its amber color is actually very light beige in reality.

One Ionic Rock user Leroy Mills received a defective product in shipment. His review reveals that every bulb he used started to flicker after few minutes and went off. His review further adds that the dimmer adjustment on Ionic Rock doesn’t really work as expected.

A similar complaint is seen in the Ionic Rock review by Ismael Garcia. His light bulb burnt after few hours of use. He also noticed that the electric cord and light blew out completely after couple of weeks.

Alan Parker’s Ionic Rock review states that after few months of use the lamp started to melt and shed water profusely.

One other customer Ralph Rose found Ionic Rock beautiful but warns in his review that its cord shorts easily and blows out the bulb frequently.

Bernadette Morrison, an Ionic Rock customer, claims in her review that her excitement just dulled down in a day’s use. Her Ionic Rock review states that the bulb stopped working and the same thing kept happening to the replacement ones.

An Ionic Rock review by Marie Olson asserts that its dimmer assembly blew up in two days of use and left a hole burnt through the side of its plastic.

Camille Sims writes in her Ionic Rock review that the light color is not similar to what is been shown in the TV infomercial. The deep orange in the photos is actually a cheap, light colored light.

A disappointed Ionic Rock review by Hugo Hernandez reveals that it came with dirt all over it and the salt residue was all over the wooden base. The review further complains about its poor assembly since the light that goes inside the Ionic Rock lamp hangs on by a thread. As per the review replacing the light bulb is difficult since it can snap the metal insert inside Ionic Rock.

Van Moody calls Ionic Rock bogus in his review and says that its health benefit claims from ionization don’t really stand any valid proof. According to his review, Ionic Rock literally bleeds since it attracts all the humidity in the room and starts to pick salt. It can be dangerous since it is connected to an electrical cord.

Craig Kim claims in his review that Ionic Rock doesn’t kill bacteria or miraculously add years to anyone’s life and stopped working after 2 days of use.

Another Ionic Rock review by Judith Ford says that the light doesn’t fit into the base due to an inappropriate carving of the lamp. Her review also says that Ionic Rock is very dim and requires the dimmer to be at the max to get any form of light.

What do I get?
Buy 2 Ionic Rock Salt Crystal Lamps for $19.99 + $11.90 processing & handling at

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