Oonies at BuyOonies.com As Seen On TV

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What is Oonies?

Are you looking for something fun, new and creative for your kids to do? Here’s introducing Oonies, a fun, entertaining and creative new way for kids to explore and design their own creativity! Oonies lets you inflate, stick and create almost anything you can imagine!


How does Oonies work?

Inserting special colored pellets in the Oonies machine makes them magically grow into an Oonie. Your child can then create little bubble balloons that stick to each other to make numerous imaginative designs and creations. Your kids are guaranteed to love playing and creating stuff with Oonies! Simply insert a pellet into the Oonies inflator, pump it up and then stick and create Oonies together to make whatever you want. Oonies are the newest and coolest way to inflate and create your own imaginative designs!

Mess free – Playing with Oonies is mess-free and requires no glue. They stick to each other but not to you. No glue, no water and no mess. Just air filled balls of amazing fun and creativity!

What you can do with Oonies? – With Oonies balloons you can create anything from animals to birds to sea creatures and games to play too. Oonies are great to stack into a pile, create window art, plus simply pop them when you are done for added fun. Create anything you want with Oonies!

Makes a great gift too – Oonies makes the perfect gift to give your love ones too! Order your Oonies machine set today!

What do I get?
Complete 160 pieces kit of Oonies for $19.99 + $5.00 P/H at the Official website: BuyOonies.com

2 Comments on "Oonies at BuyOonies.com As Seen On TV"

  1. This product is absolutely rubbish. 90% of the balls burst or don’t even inflate.

  2. deborah babayemi | July 11, 2017 at 1:51 am | Reply

    I think this is great. I want one or two am going to get one. I going to get it.

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