Own Zone Wireless Headphones REVIEW

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About Own Zone

It is a headphone by Sharper Image, the purpose of it is to allow you hear your tv loud and clear without disturbing anyone else. Own zone headphones connects virtually to tv in seconds plus you can control the volume directly from the headphone itself. Also it claims to transmit wireless Upton 30 feet. Just plug the own zone transmitter in your tv and it wireless transmits to your headphones surrounding you with full stereo sound.



The headphones are super soft cushioned and adjustable hence you can wear them for a long time without irritation. Since they transmit upto 30 feet you do not have to seat in a place you can hear your favourite show while doing your routine unlike ordinary wireless headphones selling for hundreds of dollars and not even been able to connect to your tv.

Do you dread to watch tv in bed fearing it may disturb your partner or does the surrounding noise blocks the sound of the tv? Own Zone headphones are for you! Do they really work as promised? Reviews will reveal the facts.

Own Zone Review

Own zone is reviewed to have a fairly comfortable fit but poor volume control and reception. The sound quality is not good. One of the customer had following to say about Own zone – “Gets a very loud buzzing rendering them useless. When they do work, a noticeable background hum is very annoying. I do not recommend and i am returning it”. One of the big drawback is that own zone headphones eats through battery like crazy. In addition to it, when the batteries die (no warning) it makes this horrible, really loud fog horn sound in your ears. Also there were lots of complains of constantly experiencing static noise from the own zone headphone, to which one of the user said that If you are not in the direct line of sight with the transmitter, you will get a lot of static. Though not sure if this is a temporary solution to the static noise or fix it.

The Own Zone headphone is ok, it has good range as per the reviewers but you need to invest in rechargeable batteries. Own Zone is a nice idea and good form factor. However they do not work well, continuously have to re-scan and they pick up everything but what you want. Once turned off they have to re-scan everything again. Also if you have older model television own zone headphone will not connect. Some of the customers who purchased Own zone could not connect to the tv or the headphones were not working with the tv sets they had. So make sure if you are buying the own zone headphones they connect to the television model you have. Another user of Own zone said that it is a Cheap product. If you’re going to use wireless TV headphones, you will most likely want to purchase better
set. I do not recommend.

Own Zone Questions and Answers

Q: Will Own Zone mute my Tv so I can listen and not disturb anyone?
A: Yes, it can.

Q: What is the power supply?
A: Batteries

Q: Can Own Zone be used to control the tv volume while the another person controls their volume with the tv remote
A: Yes, the headphone have there own volume control. U can mute the tv and control the volume with headphones on.

Q: Do the headphones have any type of volume adjustment?
A: Yes they do.

Q: Are Own Zone noise cancelling head phones or regular?
A: It’s regular.

Q: What is the battery life?
A: Very low, Own Zone eats batteries.

Q: How do i get rid of interference?
A: You can try to adjust the position of the cable of the transmitter. Please check the cables to make sure both ends are fully plugged in. Besides, please do not stay in blind angle, the signal may be disturbed.

Q: What is the warranty?
A: No warranty.

Q: Do I need a transmitter?
A: No, Own Zone come with their own transmitter in the package.

  • 2 Own Zone Wireless Headphones
  • 2 Transmitter & Cable Sets

Price: $59.98 + $5.99 P&H | Official website: GetOwnZone.com

3 Comments on "Own Zone Wireless Headphones REVIEW"

  1. Not happy with the product. I connected it with the fiber optic cable and no sound at all.
    I switched the optic cable to see if it was the wire, and no sound at all.
    it only worked with the headphone jack but it mutes the TV and the sound is not crisp.
    Do Not Purchase, not worth it.

  2. Can Own Zone be used with a computer’s USB-Audio?

  3. Thomas Welter | August 23, 2018 at 5:17 pm | Reply

    I have my new own zone hooked up, everything is good except the volume does not go high enough. My tv has rca plugs that are not controled by tv mute or volume. Is there a way to boost the top volume?

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