Perfect Mattress Topper REVIEW | “Open Cell” Memory Foam Mattress Topper

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About Perfect Mattress Topper

Does your hard and hot mattress give you painful sleepless nights? Don’t wake-up tired and fatigued, wake-up rejuvenated with the Perfect Mattress Topper – this is what Gary Garrison claims in the Perfect Mattress Topper infomercial

Perfect Mattress Topper

Perfect Mattress Topper CLAIMS

It claims to transform any bed into a comfortable sleeping surface instantly. Unlike regular Mattress Toppers that have steel springs inside that push against your body, the Perfect Mattress Topper features 3-inch layer of Open-Cell Foam that supposedly molds to your body for unmatched comfort and is almost twice the thickness of an ordinary mattress. The Perfect Mattress Topper promotes horizontal and vertical air flow so there is no heat buildup. Perfect Mattress Topper can convert any old bed into a new one.

In the Perfect Mattress Topper Infomercial, Gary Garrison places 150 raw(?) eggs down on the floor and cover them with the Perfect Mattress Topper. A lady then walks across the Perfect Mattress Topper with the raw eggs below it and none of the eggs are broken. Perfect Mattress Topper claims to instantly relieve pressure points allowing to sleep like a baby all night. Unlike other mattress toppers that slouch, Perfect Mattress Topper claims to spring back to its original shape. Perfect Mattress Topper is made in the USA. The Perfect Mattress Topper cover is machine washable. If the Perfect Mattress Topper claims are to be believed the turning over motion is not transferred across the mattress so it wont disturb your sleeping partner.

Perfect Mattress Topper REVIEW

Ok now that Perfect Mattress Topper has made such hefty claims, let’s analyze them.

Q. What is “Open Cell” foam in the Perfect Mattress Topper?
A. Open Cell foam like the one used in Perfect Mattress Topper, has the cell walls broken that allows air to flow through the foam. This is what is called as the “breathability” of the foam. 3rd generation Memory Foam Mattresses use Open Cell Memory Foam. But these features and benefits are more suited to MATTRESSES and not MATTRESS TOPPERS.

Q. Is Open Cell foam Memory Foam?
A. Yes, the foam in Perfect Mattress Topper is “Open Cell” Memory Foam.

Q. Does Perfect Mattress Topper relieve pain?
A. The question is subjective, if you are already in pain then Perfect Mattress Topper will do nothing to relieve the pain, BUT Perfect Mattress Topper will certainly NOT give you “mattress induced” pain. Thanks to the support the Open Cell Memory Foam provides your body diffusing your weight across the Perfect Mattress Topper surface. What the Perfect Mattress Topper advertisement and official website have done is, they have quoted the benefits and features of the Memory Foam Mattress that may not necessarily apply to a MATTRESS TOPPER.

Q. Is there anything to the “Pressure Points” in the Perfect Mattress Topper?
A. Yes, because of the even surface and open-cell foam, Perfect Mattress Topper does not clump together to create hard and soft patches. Again when it comes to a THINNER “MATTRESS TOPPER” some of these benefits do diminish.

Q. Does Perfect Mattress Topper offer adequate support?
It depends upon a lot factors, body weight, weight of the topper and underlying Mattress. Memory Foam Mattress Toppers certainly provide more support than mattresses that use different kinds of foams. The secret is the ability of the op-cell memory foam to conform to the contours of the body. Perfect Mattress Topper does not “resist” the body weight, instead it absorbs it and adapts itself accordingly. Other mattress toppers “push” against the body weight causing pain. But in case of Perfect Mattress Topper being a “Mattress Topper”, it does not inherit all the benefits of Memory Foam Mattress.

Q. What are the Advantages of Perfect Mattress Topper?
A. The Open-Cell foam structure of the Perfect Mattress Topper makes it behave like a spring, it regains its original form. The Perfect Mattress Topper easily returns to its original shape as the air is allowed to flow unrestricted through the fabric of the foam.

Q. What is all the hype about “No Motion Transfer”
A. All Memory Foam Mattresses and Toppers do this. They movement of the person sleeping is not carried to the other parts of the topper.

Q. Does the Perfect Mattress Topper gets HOT?
A. Again the question is subjective. Perfect Mattress Topper has open cell memory foam that allows air circulation withing the the foam so naturally the heat absorbed by the mattress dissipate quickly. The correct answer to the question above would be “Compared to other mattress toppers, Perfect Mattress Topper does not get that HOT”. If you are in a warm climate then it is “warm air” that circulates through the foam and so the Perfect Mattress Topper would definitely “feel” HOT.

Q. What are the Disadvantages of the Perfect Mattress Topper?
A. Perfect Mattress Topper has open-cell foam that less dense than closed cell-foam, that is the reason of all its Benefits mentioned above, BUT there is a downside to this. Perfect Mattress Topper’s open cell foam is not suited for “big people” as the lower density open cell foam will make them “sink” in it.

Q. Is it water-proof?
A. Perfect Mattress Topper is not water/liquid proof, such spillage would damage the mattress topper and it would loose its properties.

Q. Does it smell bad?
A. Yes, The open-cell memory foam in the Perfect Mattress Topper has gone through a lot of chemical treatment that gives it a typical chemical odor associated with all memory foam mattress toppers. It takes sevral weeks until the odor goes away completely.

  • TWIN / TWIN XL – $59.97
  • FULL – $74.97
  • QUEEN – $89.97
  • KING / CAL KING – $119.97

Perfect Mattress Topper pricing is at par with the Competitors like Linenspa, Milliard, Lucid – to name a few.

What to know before buying the Perfect Mattress Topper

Nothing New – As a customer you need to understand that Perfect Mattress Topper is not the ONLY mattress topper out there in the market. There are several tried and tested alternatives to Perfect Mattress Topper. A simple search for “open-cell memory foam mattress” on will list at-least a dozens of Perfect Mattress Topper alternatives.

Perfect Mattress Topper is not a Mattress – You need to consider is that all the benefits and advantages claimed in the Perfect Mattress Topper advertisement are more appropriate for Mattresses than Mattress Toppers. It is very hard to predict how useful a Mattress Topper would be for someone. As mentioned above there are various factors that decide this – user weight, mattress firmness, the size your are buying etc. Also every individual product is again different from the next even though if it is the same model. So to sum up we can say that it is a “Hit or Miss”.

Not an alternative to a Memory Foam Mattress – A Mattress Topper cannot be an alternative to a “Mattress”. ANY New Mattress Topper like the Perfect Mattress Topper cannot magically fix a Mattress regardless of how bad its condition is. This is especially true if your old mattress is sagging, the Perfect Mattress Topper won’t fix an OLD sagging mattress. Perfect Mattress Topper will come in handy if you have an extra “firm” that you want to “fix” with Perfect Mattress Topper.

Know the FOAM DENSITY – It is very important to check the FOAM density of the Perfect Mattress Topper. If the density is less than it would not provide the required support and the Mattress Topper would be soft and mushy. It is dicey that Perfect Mattress Topper official website does not mention anything about the topper’s weight and foam density.

Returning is a Hassle – If you find that the Perfect Mattress Topper is not to your liking, returning something as big as Perfect Mattress Topper would be a big hassle and cost you lot of money.

Our Verdict on Perfect Mattress Topper

As we mentioned earlier there are tons of tried and tested Mattress Toppers available so there is no reason why you should choose the Perfect Mattress Topper over them. We would suggest buying any of these Mattress Toppers – LUCID, LINENSPA or MILLIARD.

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  1. Sarah Cummings | August 9, 2018 at 2:39 pm | Reply

    Love a good mattress topper! This one does sound like an affordable option.

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