Sonulase REVIEW

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What is Sonulase?

It is a revolutionary device designed like a cleansing brush that emits age-fighting red light. Sonulase also doubles as an effective daily cleansing instrument.


World’s First-ever Red Light Anti-Aging Device

Sonulase, as stated by its makers, is the world’s first skin care device that incorporates 660nm RED light credited to be a NASA discovery. Sonulase is projected as a medical grade age-fighting-cum-daily cleansing device which operates with red light that interacts with the body’s own natural processes to stimulate production of collagen, a protein known to be of crucial importance for maintaining and nurturing facial skin, diminishing wrinkles and making the skin tighter. The RED Light Wrinkle Therapy of Sonulase guarantees incredible results by making skin firmer, smoothing uneven areas of skin and diminishing wrinkles while cleansing skin.

Smart, Handy and Easy to use

The makers of Sonulase claim that using this device is a very simple and convenient process. It has been devised to be used in two ways, and it comes with separate switches for that- one for controlling RED light and the other for the brush. Both the functions can be performed in one go for superior results. Mode 1 of Sonulase is for cleansing on a daily basis for exfoliating and eradicating external impurities, and Mode 2 (targeted light therapy) is to be performed twice a week for about three minutes per treatment area. Further, two days in a week are to be for treating heavily wrinkled areas with RED light to boost collagen and increase volume from beneath skin surface. Also, some care has to be taken while using Sonulase in terms of duration and use of brush for the treatment, so there’s no over-exfoliating.

Sustains Hygienic Use and Safety

What makes Sonulase all the more advantageous is the fact that it comes with a patent pending UV Cleanlight Technology. It’s an exclusive technology that produces the same ultraviolet light which medical professionals employ to clean dental and surgical instruments for removing bacteria. Each time Sonulase is placed on the charger, this technology is activated, which attacks bacteria that gets accumulated while in use.

Instant Results that are Real and Effective

Sonulase assures you of guaranteed results if you adhere to instructions wholly. You can look forward to noticeably even and softer skin after the first exfoliation session. Using targeted light therapy regularly that Sonulase offers aims at reducing wrinkles in up to six weeks.

Sonulase REVIEW

Feedback from customers who have used Sonulase indicates that on the whole, they are not satisfied with it. While a few of them have said Sonulase yielded minor results, with a couple of users saying they noticed some improvement in the appearance of their facial skin, a majority of the customers have said upfront that it doesn’t work. Some have even stated that purchasing Sonulase has been a regrettable decision. They said it’s nothing but a gimmick, which a simple facial brush that costs a fraction of what Sonulase does can do.  All the tall claims made about red light collagen therapy and the works, according to them, are hogwash.

One of the customers who’s been using Sonulase for a month says she’s still waiting to see the results.  She wanted her dark spots and wrinkles to be reduced but despite using Sonulase for nearly three months, she hasn’t noticed any change. Her skin hasn’t turned smooth either, which using other products actually did. Now she’s planning to discontinue using this device and look for something else.

One more shortcoming pointed out by users of Sonulase Sonulase is that it is not waterproof. They say it’s not possible for the device to not come in contact with water at any point. When it does, it stops working. The quality of Sonulase has been a total dampener for them.

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