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What is Air Hawk?

Air Hawk is an automatic cordless handheld compressor designed to inflate tires, sporting equipment and much more in just seconds! The Air Hawk Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator pulls in air from the outside and then compresses it in the tire. Using Air Hawk is easy, fast and exceptionally convenient.

Air Hawk Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator REVIEW

James Knight reveals in his Air Hawk review“The Air Hawk Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator’s automatic shut off is about 5-6 psi off. For example, if you want your tire pressure at 32psi, you have to enter 38 psi. This is disappointing because this was one of the features they promoted. Otherwise, the design and ease of use is good.”

Doris Oden complains in his review“It is a wonderful idea but using it to inflate tires in the garage in cold temperature may slow down the battery and if you don’t have anywhere in the garage to plug it into then you will be stuck. It may work better in warm circumstances.”

Rodney Barrow feels ripped-off by the Air Hawk, he summarizes in his review“If you have all day to fill one tire, then the Air Hawk is for you!”

Charles Ashton mentions in his review“Air Hawk might work on bicycle tires and sports equipment but the picture shows it working on a car tire but it doesn’t work on a car tire.”

Gordon Barber who bought the Air Hawk mentions the disadvantages of the product in his review“The attachment tube is so short that you have to hold the pump and read the pressure without sitting down. It’s supposed to shut off when the requested pressure is reached but it didn’t. It may have stopped adding air one time, but another time it kept running. It filled one tire with 20 extra psi. The numerical display was easy to read but the indicator that says “PSI” or other settings was so small that I needed a magnifying glass to decipher it. In addition, it was hard to figure out how to select the setting for this and it took lots of experimenting to turn the device on and off. All-in-all, it is not user-friendly.”

James Tanner states in his review“It’s advertised as inflating bicycle tires but the inflator doesn’t fit a racing bike’s tire’s inflating element.”

Rodney Badger reveals in his review“Air Hawk is good for small jobs only. It’s a bit flimsy and cannot handle big jobs due to the limited amount of air that comes out. It may keep kicking off before the set amount of air goes into the tires. You may have to keep re-setting the psi as well. Not worth the price.”

Manuel Wallace regrets buying the Air Hawk Tire Inflator, he complains“Air Hawk overheats too easily. It does not turn off/on programmed psi setting.”

Harry Bray says about his experience of Air Hawk – “Use the product to inflate bicycle tires and car tires but for car tires, it’s best to use the DC connection as the battery runs only around 6-7 minutes which isn’t enough time to inflate a car tire. Otherwise, Air Hawk works well and is easy to handle.”

Edward Briggs reveals in his Air Hawk review“Air Hawk is hard to put the air tube on valve. You lose too much air when removing the nozzle. It inflates bike tires. Instructions suffer from some translation and illustration problems, and could definitely be clearer. It kept running even after turning it off.”

Thomas Brenton states in his review“Air Hawk is a toy (not anywhere near as robust as expected). It is very flimsy. When in use, vibrations will make the battery fall off. It is not very powerful. It works fine if you are just going to add a few pounds of air in your vehicle tires. It is lightweight and easy to stow but not for flat tires.”

Larry Bradley reveals in his review“Air Hawk is not designed for cars. Use for Bicycles, sporting goods, etc., indicates this right on the box. Air Hawk could not fill a soccer ball with air.”


With Air Hawk in your hands there will be no more running to the gas station for air, no more bulky large compressors, and no more messy cans of air. Air Hawk is fast, easy and extremely efficient. Air Hawk helps you save time filling tires.

Air Hawk Features – Air Hawk features a digital LED pressure gauge that has an auto stop that can be set to stop at the proper pressure, and prevent over filling. It also digitally reads the pressure.

Air Hawk is designed with several air nozzles for a wide variety of uses: tires, inflatable toys, sports equipment, bike tires, air mattresses and more. It is a solid durable tool that you will use all the time.

It features a built-in LED light, rechargeable battery/AC charger and 12V cable adapter for continuous power.

Compact and Easy to store – Air Hawk is compact and can easily be stored in a cabinet, a car, or even a drawer!

Easy to use – Unlike traditional hand pumps that are difficult to use the Air Hawk Tire inflator is easy and fast to use!

What do I get?

  • 1 Air Hawk Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator
  • 1 Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 AC Charger
  • 1 Car Charger
  • 1 Carrying Case
  • 1 Built in LED Light
  • 3 Nozzles for use on tires, toys, sports equipment, bike tires, mattresses and more.

Price: $39.95 plus $14.95 P&H Official website:

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19 Comments on "Air Hawk Tire Inflator REVIEW | Exposed"

  1. This is a piece of dangerous junk which could kill someone because of the extremely inaccurate pressure guage, the battery life is almost zero and customer service is nil. Do Not buy this under any circumstances.

  2. I purchased the air hawk around 12 months ago and it has packed up and was giving the wrong pressures.
    You are selling a very dangerous product – when I blew my bike tyres up I put in 55 psi .After my ride I thought the tyres were hard and rechecked with air hawk which said 47 psi. I decided to try another tyre pressure gauge and that said 71 psi – so your product was going to let me blow it up to around 90 psi. The tyres could have blown up in my face if I had trusted your air hawk. I had used the air hawk on my car a week earlier and found they had 42 psi in and I had put in 31.
    So I now have a very dear product which does not work and potentially could kill me.

  3. Garbage save your money

  4. I bought one from park n save promotion. My wife is in a motorized wheelchair and a manual wheelchair with pump up tyres, I have a golf cart and a trundler with inflatable tiers. My airhawk is an absolute dream to keeping this equipments tyres inflated. Each of these have different pressures which I set on the l.e.d display and the pump inflates to that & stops. I don’t understand or believe you knockers. Im gonna buy my son one for his 50th next week. I CANT BELIEVE YOU NEGATIVE AH.

  5. I have not purchased your product, and will likely not do so, here’s why:
    Simply, it is because of your television commercial!

    I honestly have no clue what your product is because every time your bad excuse of a commercial comes on and you hear the hawk scream, my dog thinks it’s the 4th of july and goes into panic mode.
    We then have to spend the next hour trying to calm him down, and reassure him that there are no fireworks outside.

    Yes, your ‘hawk’ sounds more like screamers than a bird of prey!

    There are now two certainties in life:
    1- Death
    2- I will never buy your product until you change that commercial.

  6. This product is not deseigned to add air to a flat tire. It’s designed to add a few pounds of air. Anyone who bought this product and expected it to fill fully flat tires in 5 minutes are complete idiots. It’s designed for small jobs.

  7. I ordered my Airhawk in the middle of May and got it a week or so later. First off, the case is not what they show in the commercial, it is a crappy soft cover, so that was misleading. Secondly, the charger and /or battery were not working. I called and after they couldn’t find me in their system for a long time and insisted I ordered from a third party even though I ordered direct, they finally found me and agreed to send a replacement charger and battery. They were backordered and said it would take a couple weeks. It took over a month to get the replacements and when I did, then battery was completely broken and unusable.

    I emailed Airhawk to get a return label to return their faulty product, and after not being able to find me in their system once again and suggesting I ordered from a third party again, even though I ORDERED DIRECT, they tell me I am responsible for shipping it back at my own cost and they will process a refund minus processing and handling fees. So basically, if I send it back, I am going to be out around $30 for a product that I never even got to use because it is a piece of garbage.

    DO NOT do business with these crooks.

  8. italo toscano | June 12, 2017 at 9:41 am | Reply

    My unused item will be going back for a refund, to many negative comments.

  9. Trevor Forde | May 31, 2017 at 11:47 pm | Reply

    Hi there, I placed an order for car tires almost two months ago. I would like a contact number for you guys and my tracking number ASAP.

  10. Trevor Forde | May 31, 2017 at 11:46 pm | Reply

    Hi there I placed an order almost 2 months ago for car tires. I live in Toronto, Ontario. I would like to know my tracking number and why ASAP.

  11. Compressors actually compress the air before discharge (i.e. Reciprocating and rotary screw compressors). However, blowers merely displace air. If there is resistance to the air being pumped, the air will become compressed (i.e. Rotary lobe blowers and fans). So, which one is actually being sold here?

  12. Garbage Garbage Garbage .. and the customer service is even worse! Never again will I buy an as seen on tv item

  13. Works great must be a bunch of dummies out there, read the directions first, i topped off 9 tires on one battery charge any where from 5lbs to 15lbs needed in each tire and the gauge was accurate as i checked each one with another tire guage.

  14. The Air Hawk is cheaply & poorly made. It does NOT work as advertised. It does work on small items like a soccer or basketball that needs air added, but will NOT even fill a ball from being completely flat. Goes without saying will NOT inflate a car tire.

    It also doesn’t fill up the correct PSI and over heats in less than 6-7 minutes and just turns off.

    I was excited when I saw this product and got one for my dad, brothers and myself. All 4 of us now know it’s a terrible product and I personally feel embarrassed for purchasing these for my family as gifts. I will be laughed at by family every&anytime this product is brought up in conversation.

    • thank you for your detailed review, thought about buying for father’s day for hubbY, But after all the negative and “garbage, garbage, garbage” reviews I will be saving my money and time, refuse to deal w customer service who go against what they advertise. totally wrong also I see where amazon says you can not return these, I always thought amazon was very supportive, But if they won’t even allow returns that says ALLOT!! thank you again for you’re review very much appreciate it!

  15. Not only this product, but the entire field of tire inflator marketing is a bit shaky.

    Always check the SCFM (standard cubic feet per minute) rating (I’ve seen some do a standard cubic inch per minute… divide by 1728 to get SCFM). Ignore PSI ratings, PSI ratings are immaterial for this type of product. If the product spec does not specify a SCFM rating, it’s probably because it’s much to small to be useful.

    For automotive use, 0.3 is a MINIMUM, and that is primarily good for pumping up a somewhat soft but not flat tire. Inflating from very low will take a very long time with those devices, which will likely overheat during the process.

    0.8 or 1.5 SCFM units run more, but they will actually pump up a tire in a reasonable time. If you’re an off roader like I am and air down before hitting the trail, you will need the largest pump you can reasonably get.

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