Xtreme Racer REVIEW

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Official Website: https://thextremeracer.com/

What is Xtreme Racer?

It is a rechargeable remote control toy car that climbs any wall and ceiling where its track set is affixed without falling down.

Ultra-cool RC Racer that Scales your Walls and Ceilings

Xtreme Racer claims to be the ultimate ‘wall racer’ of a toy car that packs in unlimited excitement and fun for kids who love all things cars. This RC car that defies gravity and climbs virtually all kinds of walls and ceilings effortlessly on its vertical track fastened to surfaces. The makers of Xtreme Racer claim that it glides effortlessly on any flat surface, whether on ‘Wall’ or ‘Floor’, the two modes it functions on. It is an LED powered RC car which performs 360° stunts and wall-drifts, and even glows as it accelerates.

Smartly Designed Innovativeness

Xtreme Racer boasts of a host of impressive features such as a resourceful remote control that not only charges the car but also doubles as its storage case. It comes with smart components like track cones, hazard puddles, a huge 30 feet glow in the dark track rope and more. Xtreme Racer even climbs glass doors and stays intact on every surface while performing intricate stunts vertically.

Xtreme Racer REVIEW

Avid toy car lovers who have bought Xtreme Racer have quite liked it for various features it’s packed with, and also pointed out scope for improvement to work on. Most customers have expressed surprise and delight with the sleekness with which Xtreme Racer can actually zoom on walls. Some even said they were frankly not expecting Xtreme Racer to actually do that and stay intact too, but are glad it does.

While some buyers find the car bigger in size than what they expected, others have said they thought it was bigger. Some of those who were disappointed with the size of Xtreme Racer have advised people to check it out personally and then buy instead of shopping online.

A customer who got Xtreme Racer recently for her child has said that she’s very happy with the purchase. She found the instructions provided with the car very clear and easy to follow, which has been a great help. Xtreme Racer, according to her, moves smoothly on her walls and keeps her little one entertained.

One of the customers has written in that he’s not too sure about the quality and durability of Xtreme Racer but thinks it’s a smart car. According to him, companies that make kids’ toys should ensure they don’t compromise on durability of their products. His four-year-old son is quite playful and keeps flinging it around, so he’s hoping their Xtreme Racer can withstand the rugged treatment. Another customer who bought her son Xtreme Racer says that he loves the car, but she prefers to be around whenever he plays with it.

Those who have not been very impressed with Xtreme Racer have pointed out certain issues that have left them disappointed. Some customers have said that the charge of Xtreme Racer does not last very long, and expecting it to climb on every surface is impractical. It doesn’t work on carpets, and can break down if used for long even occasionally. As for its size, it’s way too small to seem consequential and interesting. Some have gone to the extent of saying that buying Xtreme Racer has turned out to be a wrong decision, and buying any other brand in its place would have been better.

According to one customer, Xtreme Racer does not drive straight and goes backwards the way it can on the floor. Moreover, it does not stay fixed to walls for long and falls off them for no apparent reason. Controlling its movements is another hassle while driving it, and it keeps dropping down while moving. The front wheel of the car came undone in just one month of use. Worse, its fan which keeps it against the wall broke within a fortnight. Also, Xtreme Racer, according to those who didn’t quite like it, is an overpriced product. They regret buying it, and say they wish they hadn’t.

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